Transient behavior of ATM networks under overloads

TitleTransient behavior of ATM networks under overloads
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsCY Wang, D Logothetis, KS Trivedi, and I Viniotis
JournalProceedings Ieee Infocom
Start Page978
Pagination978 - 985
Date Published01/1996

In this paper we characterize the time-dependent behavior of typical queueing systems that arise in ATM networks under the presense of overloads. Transient queue length distribution and transient cell loss probability are obtained numerically and transient characteristics such as maximum overshoot and relaxation time are used to quantify the effects of congestion periods. A new measure, Expected Excess Loss in Overload (EELO) is defined to quantify the effects of overload when compared with the system behavior in the steady-state regime. The basic modeling technology that we use is an extended form of Stochastic Petri nets and a software tool called the Stochastic Petri net package (SPNP).

Short TitleProceedings Ieee Infocom