Software Packages

SHARPE (Symbolic Hierarchical Automated Reliability and Performance Evaluator)

It is a toolkit that provides a specification language and solution methods for most of the commonly used model types for performance, reliability and performability modeling. Model types include combinatorial one such as fault-trees and queuing networks and state-space ones such as Markov and  semi-Markov reward models as well stochastic Petri nets.

SPNP (Stochastic Petri Net Package)

It is a toolkit that provides stochastic reward net (SRN) incorporate several structural extensions to GSPNssuch as marking dependencies (marking dependent arc cardinalities, guards, etc.) and allow reward rates to be associated with each marking. The reward function can be marking dependent as well.

SREPT (Software Reliability Estimation and Prediction Tool )

It offers various techniques that can be used at various stages in the software life-cycle such as complexity metrics-based techniques used in the pre-test phase, interfailure time-based techniques used during the testing phase, and architecture-based techniques that can be used at all stages. Thus it becomes possible to monitor the quality of the entire software development process under a unified framework. SREPT also has the ability to suggest release time for software based on release criteria.